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Facility Maintenance
Services Offered
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Landscape Maintenance

We provide full service landscape maintenance, turf care, plant and tree care, irrigation services, seasonal displays, landscape design, site enhancements and site clean-up. We want the first and last impression your property projects to be on brand, no matter the location.



Parking Lot Care

JDMC crews make sure existing pavement surfaces are safe, attractive and durable.   We provide power sweeping, line striping, seal coating, asphalt crack filling and any associated maintenance and repairs including paving and patching. We go the extra mile by air blowing all walkways, building foundations and curb lines, and sweeping all parking lots and roadways. When requested, we also provide a porter service for emptying trashcans and removing debris by hand.

Snow & Ice Management

Our responsive, professional team knows that up-to-the-minute weather tracking is key to preparing for each winter weather event. We provide our clients with ongoing updates throughout the course of each storm so they know their sites are clear, safe, and accessible. With our extensive resources, experience, and proven track record, JDMC makes sure our customer’s sites stay open for business.